Newsletter - January 23, 2021

Meet the The Republican Party of Dona Ana County

The Republican Party of Dona Ana County

This newsletter is an important step to keep concerned New Mexico citizens informed about the first 60-day session of the 55th New Mexico legislature. This session is unprecedented due to tight security and New Mexico’s strict COVID –19 policies. The session has started and will conclude March 20th. There will be a huge number of bills that will go before the legislature. Over 200 bills have been pre-filed in the House and Senate. With the restrictions in place, there is even a greater need to keep Dona Ana County informed. There will be virtual meetings but those will have limits for input from “we the people” of the State of New Mexico. Transparency in government and access to lawmakers is the foundation of our nation granted by our time-tested U.S. Constitution. The Roundhouse will be closed to the public during the session. Without access and transparency the Democrats’ progressive agenda will likely be pushed forward without any significant public input.

What and Who To Know

Currently, in New Mexico’s house of Representatives there are 45 Democrats and 25 Republicans. In the Senate there are 27 Democrats and 15 Republicans. These lopsided numbers, along with a democrat governor will impede the ability of New Mexico citizen to have their voices heard. The Republican Party is fortunate to have a robust leadership team in place, but they will need our voices to echo throughout the Roundhouse for the next 60 days.

In the Senate:

Senator Greg Baca (Belen) Minority Leader   -   [email protected]
Senator Craig Brandt (Rio Rancho) Minority Whip  -  [email protected]
Senator Mark Moore (Albuquerque) Minority Caucus Chair   -   [email protected]

In the House:

Representative Jim Townsend (Artesia) Minority Leader  -   [email protected]
Representative Jim Rod Montoya (Farmington) Minority Whip  -  [email protected]
Representative Jim Rebecca Dow (Truth or Consequences) Caucus Chair  -  [email protected]

Call to Action

All Republican lawmakers will fight hard to create a better place to live, to keep taxes down, keep people safe and raise us up from being last in so many areas. Your voice will make the difference for this critical session that will shape the future of our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Impact Legislation - Repeal of the Abortion Law

The following is the Statue that is being proposed for repeal by the Progressive left in SB10. Repealing these safe guards will transform the current anti-abortion law drastically. (Note: underscored material = new - [bracketed material] = delete)

INTRODUCED BY Linda M. Lopez (D) and Peter Wirth(D)


SECTION 1. REPEAL.--Sections 30-5-1 through 30-5-3 NMSA 1978 (being Laws 1969, Chapter 67, Sections 1 through 3) are repealed. .219014.2GLG 2006 New Mexico Statutes - Section 30-5-1 — Definitions.

30-5-1. Definitions. As used in this article [30-5-1 NMSA 1978]; (Note: Progressives seek to delete all the following)

A.    "pregnancy" means the implantation of an embryo in the uterus;
B.    "accredited hospital" means one licensed by the health and social services department [public health division of the department of health];
C.    "justified medical termination" means the intentional ending of the pregnancy of a woman at the request of said woman or if said woman is under the age of eighteen years, then at the request of said woman and her then living parent or guardian, by a physician licensed by the state of New Mexico using acceptable medical procedures in an accredited hospital upon written certification by the members of a special hospital board that:
      (1)   the continuation of the pregnancy, in their opinion, is likely to result in the death of the woman or the grave impairment of the physical or mental health of the woman; or
      (2)   the child probably will have a grave physical or mental defect; or
      (3)   the pregnancy resulted from rape, as defined in Sections 40A-9-2 through 40A-9-4
NMSA 1953. Under this paragraph, to justify a medical termination of the pregnancy, the woman must present to the special hospital board an affidavit that she has been raped and that the rape has been or will be reported to an appropriate law enforcement official; or
      (4)   the pregnancy resulted from incest;
D.   "special hospital board" means a committee of two licensed physicians or their appointed alternates who are members of the medical staff at the accredited hospital where the proposed justified medical termination would be performed, and who meet for the purpose of determining the question of medical justification in an individual case, and maintain a written record of the proceedings and deliberations of such board.

Summary/Impact of SB-10

1. Bill would allow abortion up-to-birth/infanticide.
2. Strips out a life-saving New Mexico statute that protects women and children.
3. It would remove protection for health care providers who have conscientious objections to performing an abortion. Without this protection health care providers will be in jeopardy as SB-10 puts them at risk of losing their medical licenses and face criminal prosecution or other sanctions.
4. The statute would remove physician’s requirements to perform abortion procedures, leaving women exposed to sub-par care.
5. SB-10 allows a pregnant minor to have an abortion without any parental knowledge or involvement.

“We the People” Action Needed Now

Call and e-mail the members of the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee, ASAP. They will be meeting Monday, so a quick response is needed.

Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D) Chair - [email protected]     (505) 397-8839
Senator Bill Tallman (D) Vice Chair -   [email protected]   (505) 397-8854
Senator Gregg Schmedes (R) Ranking Member -  [email protected]  (505) 397-8846
Senator David M. Gallegos (R) Member  -  [email protected]   (505) 397-8824
Senator Stuart Ingle (R) Member -  [email protected]  (505) 397-8829
Senator Brenda G. McKenna (D) Member -  [email protected]  (505) 397-8834
Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D) Member -  [email protected]  (505) 397-8847
Senator Elizabeth "Liz" Stefanics (D) Member -  [email protected]   (505) 699-4808

The following statement was released from The Republican Senate leadership to DARP and all citizens of New Mexico as the legislative 55th session begins:

“This session is an opportunity to repair the damage done to New Mexico and put us back on the road to recovery. We are committed to taking actionable steps to fix our state and move us forward. This means getting our children back in school, assisting our local small businesses, standing by our energy economy, and defending the most vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic not only worsened the hardships many families were already facing, but it also exposed the chronic failures of bad governance. It is time for a new era. We need more than band-aid solutions. Together, we are committed to curing the deep-rooted policy issues that continue to plague our state.”

Watch for the next Newsletter that will list a number of bills that will appear both in the House and the Senate.  These bills will impact your pocketbook and limit your personal freedoms.

DARP: Stronger Together!