RPDA Newsletter for January 27, 2021

Valentines for Veterans, “We the People” Action Needed, and more....


Providing Doña Ana County a Voice to
Promote Conservative Principles and Protect Your Freedoms

Valentines for Veterans

DARP is showing support and appreciation for veterans in New Mexico with an organized event to sign Valentine cards for our veterans. Many veteran organizations in Dona Ana have been shut down due to COVID19. The plan is to have people sign cards at the DARP office beginning Monday, February 1 – February 4.  Each local veteran post is being contacted. On Monday, February 8 our DARP chairperson, Kim Skaggs will present each commander with a signed ‘Valentine for Veterans’ card. The commanders will communicate to their members that DARP appreciates their service to our nation.

“We the People” Action Needed

Be part of the Valentines for Veterans event! Bonus: When you come to the DARP office to sign the Valentines for Veterans cards you will be presented with a booklet of the United States Constitution! This booklet is a great way to share the very foundation our nation was built on. The booklet can be shared with friends and family. Mark your calendar (February 1 – February 4) and drop by the DARP office. Each signature on the card shows we care about our military!

Know who you are! Do you support. . .
▸    Small, effective government.
▸    Lower taxes.
▸    Strong defense/Military and secure borders.
▸    Right to defend yourself and your family.
▸    Freedom of religion and beliefs.
▸    Freedom to choose your doctor.
▸    The right to life.
▸    Freedom of speech.
If you said YES to 5 or more, you’re a conservative and your views are shared and supported by the Doña Ana Republician Party!

DARP: Stronger Together!

Know the Enduring Document of Our Nation

    “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” George Washington

A six-week course is being offered to inform and educate people about the United States Constitution. The course is called “Constitution Alive!” A study of the U.S. Constitution will get you fired up for Freedom! This grand document has stood the test of time for 230 years. To preserve and pass on the Constitution to the next generations will require people to know facts about its history and know what it contains. John Adams stated, “But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” More information about this course can be found by visiting the website www.patriotacademy.com, or contact Abel Balcazar at (575) 571-0985.

To change the direction of our state will require that these numbers change in the future:

House of Representatives:
    Democrats 45
    Republicans 25
     Democrats 27
    Republicans 15

The Republican Party of Dona Ana is committed to changing these lopsided numbers.

DARP: Stronger Together!

Transparency Kicked to the Side in Opening Day Session

    “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson

These words spoken by Jefferson more than 200 years ago express the fundamental foundation of a free and open government. It is the privilege and responsibility of every citizen to have transparent access to the local, state and federal government. The opening few days of the 55th legislative session in Santa Fe was the direct opposite of an open, transparent government. This should be of great concern to any citizen in Dona Ana County regardless of if you are a republican, a moderate democrat, a  fusion  voter (working families party), independent, libertarian or mildly interested in the operation of what happens in the Santa Fe State Roundhouse.

What to Know

House Resolution 1 contains a far left progressive radical agenda of rules specifically designed to silence the minority party, in this case the Republican party of the state of New Mexico. During the hours of debates the outnumbered Republicans fought hard against the stifling and restrictive direction of progressive s agenda for this 60-day session. By a lopsided 48 to 22 vote, House Resolution 1 was passed.

Summary/Impact of Resolution 1

Lawmakers are forced to appear online in virtual meetings, even if they are in the chamber in Santa Fe. This is important because the New Mexico State Constitution requires lawmakers to meet in Santa Fe. Lawmakers pledge by oath and moral, ethical obligation to explicitly follow the State Constitution as they represent their constituents. This includes going to Santa Fe and appearing in either the House or Senate chambers to conduct the legislative business of New Mexico. Resolution 1 tossed this requirement out the door. State lawmakers are also provided a per diem for the 60-day session to travel to Santa Fe. (Question: “If they don’t attend the session in Santa Fe, should they still receive their per diem?”)

A statement by Minority leader Jim Townsend accurately describes the sentiment of the Resolution,

    “Today is a sad day for New Mexico and for transparency and open access to our government. What the Democrats did today, was not simply to silence their political opposition in the House with their rule changes, but they also silenced the very people we were elected to represent.”

“We the People” Action Needed Now

Contact the House Minority leadership and let them know that you appreciate the fight they did on the behalf of freedom loving citizens of New Mexico.

    James G. Townsend (R) Minority Leader
        (505) 986-4757     [email protected]

Contact the Majority House leadership and request an explanation why the State Constitution is not being adhered to. In addition, hold them accountable the democrat House representatives as to why they voted for Resolution 1.

HB 7 (aka, SB20 and HB51) passed 8 ‘yes’ to 3 ‘no’.

A special thank you to Representatives Gail Armstrong, Stephanie Lord, and Luis Terrazas for their ‘No’ vote.

‘Yes’ votes came from Representatives:
    Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson (D)  
    Roger E. Montoya (D)
    Marian Matthews (D)
    Karen Bash (D)
    Brittney Barreras (D)
    Joanne Ferrary (D)
    Deborah Armstrong (D)
    Phelps Anderson (R)

This bill will move next to Judiciary, so stay tuned for where, what time, and what to do next.

A BIG disappointment came when Representative Phelps Anderson (R) voted ‘yes.’ Many are confused about his action as he has been a supporter of life. Please contact him, be respectful as you ask him why he voted ‘yes.’

Phelps Anderson (R)
    (505) 986-4226      [email protected]
Brian Egolf (D) – Speaker of the House
     (505) 986-4782    [email protected]
Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D) Majority Leader
    (505) 986-4780    [email protected]

SB 10 Passed by Progressives

After a long delay that was blamed on “technical difficulties,” the Senate Health and Public Affairs committee convened to debate SB10. What was concerning about the delay was that other committees were conducting virtual meetings and the House met online without any delays. The delay pushed the SB10 hearing into late afternoon and evening. By a vote of the committee, the five Progressives voted to repeal the 1969 New Mexico law that outlaws abortion. Three Republicans voted against the repeal. The vote on SB 10 went along party lines 5 to 3. It now heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Summary/Impact of SB10

SB10 will allow for late term abortion and infanticide if passed by both the House and Senate after it goes to various committees for hearings. It is imperative that each committee knows your view on abortion! As long as each hearing committee advances SB10 it will be passed by the progressive in the House and Senate and signed by the governor (as she has stated publicly she would do). The bill will now advance to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“We the People” Action Needed Now

Contact lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them SB10 bill will not protect the unborn, women, and health care professionals. We must hold life sacred. It is our responsibility to protect our children and women throughout New Mexico.

Senator Joseph Cervantes, Chair (D)    (505) 397-8820
Senator Bill B. O’Neill, Vice-Chair  (D)   (505) 397-8838
Senator Cliff R. Pirtle, Ranking Member (R)   (575) 626-7046
Senator Gregory A. Baca, Member (R)    (505) 385-7303
Senator Katy M. Duhigg, Member (D)    (505) 397-8823
Senator Daniel A. Ivey-Soto, Member (D)   (505) 397-8830
Senator Linda M. Lopez, Member (D)    (505) 397-8838
Senator Mark Moores, Member (R)    (505) 681-1975
Senator Mimi Stewart, Member (D)    505) 397-8853

Stay Informed With Our State Government

    “If freedom, democracy, and the rights of people are to be preserved through the ages, free men and women must accept the responsibilities that go with their freedoms.” Ronald Reagan.

During the tight security and strict COVID19 policies, each concerned citizen must make an effort to stay informed and voice their views to all State lawmakers. Visit www.nmlegis.gov on a regular basis. You will find pending legislation and contact information for lawmakers. Select ‘webcast’ to view various committee meetings and the process in both chambers.

Yvette Herrell Fights to Protect
Oil and Gas Industry in New Mexico

Monday evening Congresswoman, Yvette Herrell was a guest on Newsmax with TV host Grant Stinchfeld. The interview centered on Ms. Herrell’s letter to the governor of New Mexico and President Biden regarding the vital oil and gas industry in our state. Here’s some highlights of the letter:

    “The oil and gas industry is the lifeblood of our state’s economy.” Herrell wrote, “If banned today, New Mexico stands to lose more than 60,000 jobs by 2022. The loss of these good-paying, family supporting jobs would devastate entire communities and have grave long-term consequences for our state.

    Royalty payments and taxes on the oil and gas industry account for more than a third of the state’s annual budget. The state’s K-12 public education system alone received more than $1 billion in funding from the oil and gas industry last year, which equates to $60,062 per teacher and $3,788 per student.

    While other members of our congressional delegation have been reluctant to speak out against the president’s action, I hope you will join me in urging President Biden to reconsider any moratorium on new oil and gas leases in New Mexico.” Herrell concluded.

We support Congresswoman Herrell’s bold leadership in this important issue. We need to join her voice and call the governor’s office and let her know that oil and gas must be protected.

Contact number: (505)476-2200    https://herrell.house.gov/