Official Call - Biennial Ward Caucuses

Saturday, January 07, 2023 at 09:00 AM


Mesilla Valley Christian School
3850 Stern Dr
Las Cruces, NM 88001
United States
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Annmarie Donovan

TO:                RPDAC CCC Members and ALL Registered Republicans in Dona Ana County

FROM:           Kimberly Skaggs, Chairman, Annmarie Donovan, Secretary

RE:                “Official County Caucus Call”

DATE:            January 7, 2022



Call is hereby made for Ward Caucuses of the Republican Party of Dona Ana County to be held January 7, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the Mesilla Valley Christian School, 3850 Stern Dr, Las Cruces, NM 88001 to:


Elect Ward Delegates to the Biennial County Convention


USR 4-2-1. A.


Biennial Caucuses to Elect Officers and Delegates: In odd-numbered years during the dates specified by the state chairman, the elected officers of each county central committee shall call caucuses for each ward in a ward-based county or for each precinct in a precinct-based county for the purposes of electing new officers and for electing delegates to the Biennial Organizational County Convention.


The Ward/Precinct Caucuses are held to allow grass roots participation in the process. For this reason, there are no proxies allowed at the Ward/Precinct Caucuses. Also, there are no automatic berths to the County Convention by virtue of holding an office. Anyone who wants to be a delegate must run as a delegate.


USR 4-2-1.E.

Ward Caucuses – Order of Business: The elected officers of each County Central Committee shall prescribe such rules for the Conduct of Ward Caucuses as they may deem proper, in addition to the following minimum Order of Business for a Ward/Precinct Caucus:

  1. Call to order by the Ward Chairman;
  2. Reading of the Official Call [as issued by the county elected officers];
  3. Nomination and election of new ward officers, when required by the caucus call, conducted by the caucus officers;
  4. Nomination and election of delegates to a county convention conducted by the caucus officers
  5. Any other proper business.


USR 4-3-1.F.

Ward/Precinct Caucuses – Proxies: No proxies shall be recognized or exercised at any Ward/Precinct Caucus.


USR 4-3-1.G.

Ward/Precinct Caucuses – Adjournment to Another Time, Date, and/or Public Place: A    Ward/Precinct Caucus shall be held at the time, date, and public place designated in the Official County Caucus Call, and shall not be adjourned to another time, date and/or public place.



  1. Have a current Registered Voter List available for use by the Credentials Committee and Officers.
  2. Retain all voting materials, ballots, sign-in sheets, etc. and deliver to County Chairman.



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