May Update

I hope this finds you doing well.

Recent Events

John Sanchez was hosted at the Grapevine and we look forward to his formal declaration for the Governor’s race.  It looks as if we had approximately 90 people attend and the event was a success.  Thank you Isabella Solis for putting that event together.

Greg Zanetti had a get together at a private home here in Las Cruces which was heavily attended as well. 

Positive Change for New Mexico 

We hosted a get together for the NMSU College Republicans, Turning Point USA and interested community members who are ready to make a positive change for our community.  We met some exceptional young people. 

The Positive Change Committee will be a deal changer for our community.  Beginning with NMSUCR and TPUSA, we look forward to empowering all conservative community members. 

Upcoming Events

Monthly CCC Meeting

At our May County Central Committee (CCC) meeting, on May 10, 2021 to be held at the Picacho Hills Country Club, Jay Block will be our guest speaker.  He has formally declared for the governor’s race and we look forward to his appearance.

Also, during the May CCC meeting, we will be having the required election to formally fill the board secretary position for the Republican Party of Dona Ana County. We have already had three self-nominations for the position and will take care of that after Mr. Block speaks. 


Operation Freedom 


On May 14, 15, and 16, the State Party is hosting “Operation Freedom” in Amarillo, TX. Link to tickets below.


RPNM named this event “Operation Freedom” as we all know our governor will not allow a meeting of this type anywhere in our state.  Governor Kristi Noem and US Congressman Jim Jordan will be our keynote speakers after each first class dinner Friday and Saturday night. 

More importantly, RPNM is extremely excited to spotlight community members around the state who are actively making positive change in each of their communities. 

What has Kim been doing?

Community Meetings Attended

I have met with the following parties to date;  Our County Manager, Our Interim Superintendent, two amazing staff members from Las Cruces Public Schools who are committed to educating our students as to the importance of Civic Engagement, our County Clerk who is committed to working together with us to ensure a clean and concise election process.  I look forward to meeting and planning to make POSITIVE CHANGES in our community with any leader who is willing to have a conversation. 

RNC Spring Training in Dallas, TX

I attended RNC Spring Training in Dallas, TX last week and it was awesome.  It was comparable to a firehose in the face full of information and not a moment wasted.  If anyone tells you these gatherings are parties, I beg to differ.  The day starts at 6:30 am both days and runs until almost 8:00 pm.  It was empowering to get to hear Governor Greg Abbott speak to the attendees and hear what a governor that cares about his community covers in a speech. 

Ronna McDaniel is a dynamic leader and the party is in good hands with her at the helm. 

Administrative Updates

Candidate Support

We have been fortunate to engage the volunteer services of a “Candidate Coordinator”.  He has over 10 years working in the legislature, is an active member of several non-profit organizations and has walked and knocked more doors than anyone of us can begin to imagine. 

We are currently ramping up the candidate support offerings so as to remove a little of that weight from the shoulders of our candidates for office.  

VRA Trainings and Certification:

Anyone interested in becoming a VRA, please contact the office asap so we may get you scheduled in for the required training at the county clerk’s office.  We will give you the contact information as the clerk’s office has requested that each interested party contact them directly.  

Candidates for this November's elections should be scheduled immediately, it is imperative that we register voters throughout the year.  


As we move towards summer, we will be contacting those in our files that have shown interest in volunteering for numerous projects.  If you are interested in volunteering, please do not hesitate to pop into HQ, call, use the link below or email.  We need you.  

In general, we are a healthy organization and are moving forward in a positive manner.  I am truly thankful that our executive committee values and respects each member and their contributions to our organization.  



As always, we appreciate your contributions to your Republican Party.  We are committed to supporting candidates, improving our community and pledge to protect your contributions.


Respectfully yours,